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Purifying Mud Soap

An anti-bacterial soap that washes away grime, impurities, and excess oil from skin.
3.4 oz / 100 gr

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Item No. 85915065 / UPC: 697045153060

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Formulated with purifying and soothing Dead Sea mud, this gentle bar soap is ideal for oily skin. This anti-bacterial, oil-free cleanser gently removes impurities and refreshes skin. Provides “skin-friendly” cleansing that can also be used on the face.
  • Scrubs away dirt and environmental pollutants trapped in oily skin.

Directions For Use

Work into a lather and massage over face and body. Rinse thoroughly.

Key Ingredients

  • The Osmoter

    Powering the entire product range is our exclusive Osmoter -- a perfectly balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals that effective replenishes, rehydrates and recharges the skin.
  • Deadsea Mud

    Black mineral mud found in the Dead Sea region rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron is essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. The natural properties of mud have been scientifically proven to restore suppleness and moisture levels in overly dry skin while relieving and soothing symptoms such as soreness, roughness, redness and cracking.

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Buy. This. Now. (Posted on 5/31/15)


I've had acne problems for years. Even after taking strong medications I still had breakouts once in awhile. This Mud Soap is the only product I've ever used that keeps my face from breaking out regularly. It's strong enough to get rid of the dirt and kill bacteria, but doesn't irritate your skin. After use, you can feel how clean your skin is! Since it is so strong, I usually only use it once a day and follow it up with a non-comedogenic moisturizer (your skin may get dry if you don't).

It's tad too expensive for me to use as a body soap, but for faces, there's nothing better!

Moisturizing (Posted on 4/13/15)


I started using this soap and realized that it doesn't really have a scent like the Dermud Nourshing Cream so I stopped using it and then realized that my skin didn't feel as moisturized as when I was using both products in conjunction. I started using both of them together and my Psoriasis Sensitive skin likes me for it :)

Awesome (Posted on 4/10/15)


It's the only product I've been able to say gets my back completely clean. The feeling it leaves you with is very fresh, not tight like soap scum-ridden products do. It's effects on my acne aren't what I hoped they'd be but, because my back is cleaner, the acne has reduced. I love this soap.

Perfect for My Skin (Posted on 4/10/15)


My skin is combination....and breaks out very easily. This is the only soap I can use on my face without it breaking me out. I am so glad I discovered this stuff! Love it!

Happy Customer (Posted on 11/30/14)


My skin type is a bit of a combination, sometimes it is oily, sometimes it is dry, it is often dry underneath and oily on top, if that can even happen. I use this once a day, in the morning and not only does it wash off my makeup, but it feels leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I don't have acne, so I can't say that it will help to rid it, but if you are looking for a bar of soap that works great anywhere on your body than this is definitely the one. Thank you Ahava!

Cleanses (Posted on 10/31/14)


This feels great on my skin. It leaves it smooth and oil-free. I work outside a lot, and it soothes my skin. I love the fragrance. It leaves me feeling really clean. I like the fact that it contains natural products and minerals.

Don't count on it to clear your acne (Posted on 7/30/14)


I started using this product about a month ago after reading the great reviews and really wanting a natural product for my acne. I use it in the shower on my face and upper back, and it leaves my skin definitely feeling clean. However, after using it every day, twice a day, for over a month, my acne has not improved in the slightest. I am not sure if this product is just too harsh for my skin but it has not seemed to work. I have several other AHAVA products like the time to clear Purifying Mud Mask and the Pineapple and Peach Mineral body wash, which I both LOVE and would recommend to anyone. However, I do not think this product is necessarily going to clear up your acne miraculously, but it does keep your skin feeling clean.

AMAZING! (Posted on 3/4/14)


I have never ever wrote a review or rated a product but for this specific one I am making sure that I do.
I am 20 years old and have very problematic skin, acne wise. Lately my skin had been feeling very rough and started to develop little hard spots or dots as if all my pores were clogged and did not look good or feel good.
I received this soap and after some research I decided to try it. After the first use my skin was unbelievably smooth! I honestly couldn't believe it and got supper excited.
I have been using this soap for almost three months and my skin still feels smooth and awesome but the reason I gave it only 4 stars is because it leaves my skin very dry and I have to use excessive amounts of moisturizer and anything that will take away the flakiness from the dryness. And also it didn't fully clear my acne. I still get breakouts every day but then again it doesn't claim or guarantee that thats what the soap does.
But overall the soap is amazing.

Amazing Product!!!! (Posted on 5/30/13)


I have dealt with acne forever, and after I turned 21, I started breaking out with cystic nodules. This obviously has marred my complexion, and I am rather upset about that.
For several months I used one product after the other, but nothing wanted to kill the bacteria that continued to pop up on my face.
When I was 23 I started working at a health food store, and one of the products on our shelves was this particular "purifying mud soap". I knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that this was going to clear my face.
It not only cleared my complexion, but it stops cystic acne the DAY it shows up! My face was so much healthier, and I was that much happier after using this product.

Only item that worked for my acne! (Posted on 4/15/13)


I have had acne since I was 9 years old and have tried everything that was out on the market, including brands that were advertised specifically for problem skin. I have very oily skin and this is the first, and so far the best, that has worked noticably on my acne. I am 45 now and still use it everyday. I would and do recommend it to anyone who has problem skin.

Love this! (Posted on 4/14/13)


I bought 2 bars of this soap after reading the great reviews. I have very dry skin with some patches of psoriasis. I'm a new customer, and I look forward to trying more products from this line.

Soft and clean (Posted on 4/14/13)


Soft and clean that's the way I feel when I wash my face and body with the purifying mud soap love love love.

LOVE! (Posted on 11/29/12)


I brought this on vacation instead of my gel cleanser (so it was easy to bring on the plane). I used this on my face for a week and it was amazing! Usually airplane's break me out really bad, but with the help of this my skin looks even better then before the plane trip! This is a great product it is effective and prices very fairly!

Two Benefits (Posted on 11/14/12)


I purchased this soap for my face, along with the Moisturizing Salt Soap with plans of using the Moisturizing Salt Soap in the morning and the Purifying Mud Soap before bed. They both work wonderfully together. And another benefit.... My bathroom smells amazing. Even if you don't want to use the soap - buy it for the smell. I never want to leave my bathroom! Think I might buy a bar for every room in my home!

Look No More! (Posted on 7/30/12)


This mud soap is amazing. I have oily skin in my t zone area on my face. I have occasional break outs when I spend too much time outdoors. I tried this mud soap with my clairisonic and let me tell you, this clears your face up FAST! I did not feel the need to use a toner after washing my face because my skin felt clean and purified. I was using the purity cleanser that came with my clairisonic. This mud soap beats that by a land slide. My face is clean bright and clear. But if you have dry skin this might not be for you. If you have oily or combination skin, you have to try this. You will stop looking for other products. This is it. I also tried this as a body soap. It left my skin clean and soft, but the results were soo amazing on my face I do not want to waste it, I have AHAVA body washes that I use. I am keeping this for my face.

GREAT PRODUCT (Posted on 6/27/12)


I use this soap on my face and body in the shower, and I have noticed the difference in the balance of my skin. It leaves my skin refreshingly clean and does not dry out your skin. I LOVE this soap..!!

Great for oily and acne prone skin. (Posted on 6/18/12)


I wash my face with this soap every morning and every night and after I apply Ahava's daily moisturizer, both have really helped to clear up my skin! I have tried both bars of soap and this is by far my favorite, it has a great smell and leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed. Hands down this is the only product line that has helped to clear up my skin.

Great for oily skin! (Posted on 5/25/11)


I work at a beauty supply store and I fell in love with the body lotions and creams so I decided to give this a try. My skin immediately felt smoother, softer, balanced and just overall truly clean. I have oily, acne-prone skin that gets especially bad in the summer and this is great for it. I will definitely be buying more of this to add to my skincare regimen.


Potassium Lauryl Sulfate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate, Corn (Zea Mays) Starch, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Purified Water, Maris Sal (Dead Sea Water), Silt (Dead Sea Mud), Dioctyldodecyl Fluoroheptyl Citrate, Titanium Dioxide, Phosphoric Acid, Parfum (Fragrance).