Gift Sets

  • AHAVA Scent-Sational_Hand_Duo_Set_($46.00_Value) 1.0000_94111016U
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    Scent-Sational Hand Duo Set ($46.00 Value)

    A duo of our Best-Selling Hand Cream in two new fragrances, perfect for gift-giving.
  • AHAVA Sea-Soft_Body_Trio_($55.40_Value) 0.4400_94111015U
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    Sea-Soft Body Trio ($55.40 Value)

    Moisturize and revitalize your hands, feet and body with this hydrating mineral body trio. Perfectly giftable, this skin-softening set arrives in a beautiful, sea-inspired box.
  • AHAVA Invigorating_Sea_Escape_Body_Set 1.0000_94111017
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    Invigorating Sea Escape Body Set

    Delight in this body trio to rejuvenate and hydrate skin with the calming and aromatic fragrance of Mandarin & Cedarwood.
  • AHAVA Sea-Powered_Radiance_Face_Set 1.0000_94111023
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    Sea-Powered Radiance Face Set

    A mix of high-performance, anti-aging skincare to awaken, uplift and pamper your skin for a refreshed, youthful appearance.
  • AHAVA Mini_Hand_Cream_Trio_($32.00_Value) 1.0000_94002007
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    Mini Hand Cream Trio ($32.00 Value)

    Soften your hands and delight your senses with this travel sized trio of AHAVA's best-selling Mineral Hand Creams.
  • AHAVA The_Best_Of_AHAVA_Starter_Kit 1.0000_94002003
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    The Best Of AHAVA Starter Kit

    A selection of AHAVA's best sellers for body and face. Just enough to fall in love with us.
  • AHAVA Extreme_Trio 3.0000_RBAPP008
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    Extreme Trio

    AHAVA’s full regimen of Extreme anti-aging skincare that leaves skin youthful-looking, refreshed and revitalized.

    Regular Price: $206.00

    Special Price: $185.00

  • AHAVA Dermud_Trio_($60.00_Value) 1.0000_92015124
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    Dermud Trio ($60.00 Value)

    A collection of AHAVA's bestselling Dermud Hand, Foot and Body creams that deeply hydrate dry and sensitive skin.
  • AHAVA Dead_Sea_Osmoter™_Superserum_Trio 1.0000_RBUS068WB
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    Dead Sea Osmoter™ Superserum Trio

    3 Youth-boosting super serums with triple-charged Osmoter™ to rehydrate & illuminate.

    Regular Price: $157.00

    Special Price: $140.00

  • AHAVA Mineral_Shampoo_&_Conditioner_Duo 1.0000_RBUS073WB
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    Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

    AHAVA's New Mineral Hair Care duo cleanses, hydrates & nourishes to give you strong, healthy and shiny hair!

    Regular Price: $60.00

    Special Price: $50.00