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Time to Revitalize


The best of Time to Revitalize!
Get firm, youthful skin from day to night with our top
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Time to Revitalize

AHAVA's Time to Revitalize product line
is a breakthrough anti-aging regimen
formulated to reduce the appearance of
deep wrinkles and regain lost skin firmness.

The Science

The Ingredients

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about its skin-revitalizing capabilities.


AHAVA's patented blend of Dead Sea minerals.
Stimulates skin's renewal, elevates skin
moisture level and smoothness.
Found in all AHAVA products.

Tibetan Goji Berry

Goji Berries are nutritionally rich in vitamins, amino acid and minerals proven to naturally boost skin's immune system while helping to neutralize free radicals.
Found in all Time to Revitalize products.

Himalayan Raspberry Root

Raspberry Root Extract helps maintain skin’s health by regulating cellular turnover, acting as an anti-inflammatory, and analgesic agent.
Found in all Time to Revitalize products.

Icelandic Moss

Icelandic Moss is used as a natural soothing agent in treatments for eczema,and dry, chaffed skin while protecting skin from environmental damage.
Found in all Time to Revitalize products.

Date Extract

Date Extract has regenerative, anti-oxidizing, firming and soothing properties clinically proven to increase collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkles.
Found in all Time to Revitalize products.

Red Micro Algae

Red Micro Algae provides an instant glamour effect helping to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing skin.
Found in Extreme Firming Eye Cream.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids,
which provide a restorative and age-defying effect especially for replenishing lost radiance.
Found in Extreme Lifting Radiance Mask.

clinical tests


89% of users saw a decline in facial lines and wrinkles.*


94% of users reported that their skin was firmer.*


86% of users noted improvement in skin firmness.*


84% of users felt an immediate change in skin radiance after application.*


"This is the most amazing moisturizer I have ever used! Thick and creamy but not greasy or heavy. It absorbs well and leaves my skin soft, smooth and glowing."


"After only three nights, my skin was less dry and the fine lines which appear when I cannot get enough moisture, were reduced."


"I have used many eye creams and this one beats them all! My husband commented that my crows feet are completely gone, I could not be happier with this product. I am 41 years old and have found the fountain of youth! AHAVA!!!!"


"This product definitely helps! I’m 70 years old. I pamper my skin and it is less wrinkled than most 70 year olds!"


"I absolutely love it! It has made my skin feel so much better and makes my skin feel like I'm a teenager again!"


"I love this eye cream. It's thick, rich, and creamy. The lines on the side of my eyes are much smoother and less noticeable. It only takes a little bit so the jar lasts a long time."


"I just love how this mask makes my face feel, after it’s applied and has sat for awhile you can feel it firming your skin and shrinking your pores!"


"This product has changed the feel and the look of my face and neck. My skin just looks healthier, more nourished, and feels so good. Love it!"


  • Extreme Trio ($194 Value)
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    Extreme Trio ($194 Value)

    AHAVA’s full regimen of Extreme anti-aging skincare that leaves skin youthful-looking, refreshed and revitalized.

    Regular Price: $194.00

    Special Price: $165.00



    The Extreme Collection, the products within Time to Revitilize, is a breakthrough anti-aging regimen formulated to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and regain skin's lost firmness.