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Bath & Shower

  • AHAVA Mineral_Shampoo 1.0000_85615065
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    Mineral Shampoo

    A gentle shampoo specially formulated to thoroughly cleanse hair and scalp, while restoring hydration.
  • AHAVA Mineral_Conditioner 1.0000_85715065
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    Mineral Conditioner

    A lightweight conditioner specially formulated to restore hydration and thoroughly condition and soften hair.
  • AHAVA Mineral_Shampoo_&_Conditioner_Duo_($60.00_Value) 1.0000_RBUS073WB
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    Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner Duo ($60.00 Value)

    AHAVA's New Mineral Hair Care duo cleanses, hydrates & nourishes to give you strong, healthy and shiny hair!
  • AHAVA Mineral_Botanic_Cream_Wash_-_Lotus_&_Chestnut 1.0000_80923065
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    Mineral Botanic Cream Wash - Lotus & Chestnut

    A velvet cream wash that helps nourish and soften skin.
  • AHAVA Mineral_Botanic_Cream_Wash_-_Lemon_&_Sage 1.0000_81723065
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    Mineral Botanic Cream Wash - Lemon & Sage

    A gentle body cleanser, enriched with skin replenishing Macadamia & Sunflower Oils, leaves skin hydrated & smooth.


    Cleansing with Dead Sea ingredients is the ideal start. AHAVA's body washes and soaps purify skin without drying, and enables it to benefit from deeper hydration all over.

  • AHAVA Moisturizing_Salt_Soap 1.0000_85815065
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    Moisturizing Salt Soap

    A soapless bar that gently cleanses face and body, maintaining skin’s pH balance.
  • AHAVA Liquid_Dead_Sea_Salt 1.0000_86115065
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    Liquid Dead Sea Salt

    A liquid gel with a high concentration of minerals that supports skin renewal, detoxifies, and enhances moisture.
  • AHAVA Smoothing_Body_Exfoliator 1.0000_85015065
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    Smoothing Body Exfoliator

    Age-defying exfoliator with a blend of natural minerals, plant seeds and nut shells that promote skin clarity.