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Mineral Botanic

Tropical Pineapple
& Peach Collection

Deliciously fragranced with Tropical Pineapple and White Peach fruit extracts that hydrate, smooth and refine skin’s texture. Available as a Velvet Cream Wash, Body Lotion and Rich Body Butter.



AHAVA's Mineral Botanic line is a collection of
naturally fragranced Velvet Cream Washes, Body
Lotions, and Rich Body Butters that deeply
hydrate and pamper the skin while providing a
superior sensorial experience.
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The Science

The Ingredients

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about its hydrating and soothing capabilities.


AHAVA's patented blend of Dead Sea minerals.
Stimulates skin's renewal, elevates skin
moisture level and smoothness.
Found in all AHAVA products.


Made from the nut of the African Shea Tree, Shea Butter
provides the skin with essential vitamins needed to
soften, smooth, and improve health.
Found in all Mineral Botanic products.


Peach butter is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E,
which provides dry skin with deep, nourishing hydration.
Found in all Mineral Botanic Body Butters.

Hibiscus & fig

Extracts of Hibiscus and Fig smooth and moisturize the skin
while providing soothing nourishment that softens.
Sweetly scented with an herbal undertone.
Found in all Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig products.

Lotus & Chestnut

Extracts of the Lotus Flower and Chestnuts are rich in polyphenols
that help reduce redness and bring comfort to the skin.
Features a tranquil floral scent that comforts.
Found in all Mineral Botanic Lotus & Chestnut products.

Honeysuckle & lavender

Honeysuckle and Lavender extracts contain natural antiseptic
properties that soothe and calm skin, leaving it clean,
refreshed and hydrated. A young fresh and floral
scent that's fun and flirty.
Found in all Mineral Botanic Honeysuckle & Lavender products.

Tropical Pineapple

Moisturizes, soothes and rejuvenates. A natural source of
skin-revitalizing fruit acids and vitamins.
Found in all Mineral Botanic Tropical Pineapple & Peach products.

White Peach

Refines skin's texture. A natural source of replenishing
anti-oxidants, fruit acids, vitamin C and beta-carotenes.
Found in all Mineral Botanic Tropical Pineapple & Peach products.


"This is the best cream wash I've ever used and I love the scent of the hibiscus and fig. My skin feels so clean and moisturized that I almost don't even need to use lotion... ever!"


"I have to say, I absolutely adore this lotion. It smells amazing (very light but still noticeable). I bought the duo with this and the body wash, and I have to say, my skin has never felt this soft!!"


"This is an amazing product! After only one use of this, my skin felt moisturized and, well, normal. Also, this is the best smelling body wash I have ever used! I love it so much. This will always have a place in my shower."


"I feel so nourished and pampered when I use this lotion. Make sure you purchase the twin shower gel to go with it. This body lotion is creamy and nourishing – it’s divine."


"This body wash smells great and it leaves my skin feeling silky soft. Will buy again for myself and as a gift for others.!! Great Stuff!"


"I love this lotion! The scent is so unusual and gentle."