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Blemish Skin Care System ($69.50 Value)

This innovative skin care regimen utilizes the mineral-rich black muds of the Dead Sea to clear and smooth the skin.

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AHAVA Blemish_Skin_Care_System_($69.50_Value) 1.0000_RBUS064WB


The mineral-rich black mud from the shores of the Dead Sea is known for its ability to naturally purify, detoxify and renew skin. This innovative skin care regimen utilizes the skin-rejuvenating minerals found in this magnificent mud to naturally improve skin’s appearance from the inside out.

Blemish Skin Care System contains:

Directions For Use

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Key Ingredients

  • Deadsea Mud

    Black mineral mud found in the Dead Sea region rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron is essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. The natural properties of mud have been scientifically proven to restore suppleness and moisture levels in overly dry skin while relieving and soothing symptoms such as soreness, roughness, redness and cracking.
  • The Osmoter

    Powering the entire product range is our exclusive Osmoter -- a perfectly balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals that effective replenishes, rehydrates and recharges the skin.

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good combo (Posted on 7/6/15)


These are all good products, the soap is pretty strong smelling, not a bad thing but it's strong. I received the mask as a sample and bought the full size to try.

magic in a bottle (Posted on 6/8/15)


I'm mixed with black and white 21 years always had slight acne . . and have combination oily and dry skin with tones of acne all on my neck and my cheeks. anyway this year my skin took a turn for the worst.
With this set my face went from having about 4-8 new pimples everyday to... ive been using it about 3 days now its gone down to maybe one since i used it.
My face is smoother , clearer. and smells great.
I also have bad acne on my back and have been using the mud soap bar on it and it's dried all the acne on it without making my skin feel parched.

Best exfoliator ever! (Posted on 5/15/15)


I've been using this product for years. It's gentle, not too grainy like other exfoliators, and it works very well. It feels like a creamy/smooth emulsion infiltrated by small, ground up pebbles of sand. My husband tried it once, and now he steels it from my shower every time he runs out - so I always buy at least two!

love it. (Posted on 5/15/15)


this is a great product- my skin is so soft and i think it also seems to improve the tone. it's also a quick mask- rinse off after 2 mins. nice smell.

LOVE this exfoliator! (Posted on 5/15/15)


I use this exfoliator every day and it has made a huge difference in my skin. My face is clearer and smoother than it ever has been. I love how my face feels after using it. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter what their skin type is. It's wonderful!

Fabulous results (Posted on 5/15/15)


This is probably the best skin cleanser I've ever used. The product leaves my skin soft, smooth and ultra clean. I'm one year away from 60 but I don't think I'll look my age with the help of AHAVA. They're quick to ship, also, and based on 2 days use, I've already ordered more of their skin care! Couldn't be happier with it!

NO MORE ADULT ACNE (Posted on 5/15/15)


I have suffered from adult acne for years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on products recommended by my dermatologist. As soon as I started using this product at night, along with the mud bar soap in the morning, my skin has NEVER looked this wonderful. My Dermatologist even asked me what have I been using, because my face looks so good. I cannot say enough about all Ahava products.

Great for oily skin! (Posted on 5/15/15)


I work at a beauty supply store and I fell in love with the body lotions and creams so I decided to give this a try. My skin immediately felt smoother, softer, balanced and just overall truly clean. I have oily, acne-prone skin that gets especially bad in the summer and this is great for it. I will definitely be buying more of this to add to my skincare regimen.

Great for oily and acne prone skin. (Posted on 5/15/15)


I wash my face with this soap every morning and every night and after I apply Ahava's daily moisturizer, both have really helped to clear up my skin! I have tried both bars of soap and this is by far my favorite, it has a great smell and leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed. Hands down this is the only product line that has helped to clear up my skin.

Happy Customer (Posted on 5/15/15)


My skin type is a bit of a combination, sometimes it is oily, sometimes it is dry, it is often dry underneath and oily on top, if that can even happen. I use this once a day, in the morning and not only does it wash off my makeup, but it feels leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I don't have acne, so I can't say that it will help to rid it, but if you are looking for a bar of soap that works great anywhere on your body than this is definitely the one. Thank you Ahava!

AMAZING! (Posted on 5/15/15)


I have never ever wrote a review or rated a product but for this specific one I am making sure that I do.
I am 20 years old and have very problematic skin, acne wise. Lately my skin had been feeling very rough and started to develop little hard spots or dots as if all my pores were clogged and did not look good or feel good.
I received this soap and after some research I decided to try it. After the first use my skin was unbelievably smooth! I honestly couldn't believe it and got supper excited.
I have been using this soap for almost three months and my skin still feels smooth and awesome but the reason I gave it only 4 stars is because it leaves my skin very dry and I have to use excessive amounts of moisturizer and anything that will take away the flakiness from the dryness. And also it didn't fully clear my acne. I still get breakouts every day but then again it doesn't claim or guarantee that thats what the soap does.
But overall the soap is amazing.

Awesome Product! (Posted on 5/15/15)


I started using Ahava products in October 2013. I have super-sensitive skin and someone suggested I try Ahava. To-date, I have not been disappointed. This mask is cooling, soothing and makes my face feel super soft. It's gentle and doesn't cause any redness. I use it twice a week and with regular use, combined with the other Ahava products, they have made a HUGE difference in the texture, look and feel of my skin from head-to-toe; I HIGHLY recommend it.

Love love love! (Posted on 5/15/15)


I love this product! Keeps my skin blemish-free and great for an overnight spot treatment!

Does The Job, And Well! :-) (Posted on 5/15/15)


I use and love Ahava's moisturizers so when I was in need of a skin mask and stumbled upon this one, I figured I'd try it out. This stuff is great! I alternate between this product and a mask from another company that is also awesome, so I only use this product maybe once every week or two, sort of as a way to maintain clean, clear skin. I'll use it more often if my face is a mess. I have very fair, sensitive, combo to dry skin with occasional break outs. This mask is refreshing and leaves you looking/feeling clean and clear without overdrying. A warning though- it does sometimes sting a bit when it's first applied (I'm guessing due to the lactic acid, which is listed in the ingredients list) but that's mild and temporary. I'l definitely buy this again! Try this, you won't be disappointed! :-)

Love this (Posted on 3/2/15)


I recently started using Ahava products after searching forever for the perfect skin care products. I could tell an immediate difference in the smoothness of my skin. My skin feels amazing and I have noticed a decrease in breakouts. I will never go without this product

Healing (Posted on 12/24/14)


I suffer from cystic acne. For years I have tried to find products, medicine that help dissolve the deep under the skin breakouts and nothing but Polysporin worked until I found Ahava products. Everything makes me break out except Dead Sea cosmetics. The mud soap works very well. I also use salts to help keep my skin under control. When I used this system along with the All-In-One Toning Cleanser and Essential Day Moisturizer for combination skin, I could not believe how quickly it healed my skin and how evenly it healed a breakout that had scabbed. My skin feels so soft, smells so good now and I glow. My mom and I both found Ahava products cleared up skin issues that had lingered for years, within a few uses. The more I use it the more I see my skin healing and correcting. Thanks Ahava. My face is being given the love it needs now.

Really cleans (Posted on 10/11/14)


These three products are a perfect combination! They all make my skin feel clean and smooth. They take away the rough, dry skin while cleaning the oil and dirt off my skin. I love the fragrance of the Purifying Mud Soap. My skin feels really clean after using these products just like when I swam in the Dead Sea. I would recommend them for a smooth, clean feel.


See individual products for details.